Support as a “Business Angel”.

AiSight, founded in July 2018, analyzes vibrations on machines and equipment with easy-to-install sensor kits, automates machine diagnostics in industry with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). AiSight thus prevents machine failures and optimizes production processes and maintenance cycles. AiSight systems can reduce machine and plant downtime by up to 50% and reduce maintenance costs by up to 40%. In addition, imminent failures of machines and plants can be predicted up to 3 months in advance and the necessary maintenance work can be planned according to the respective needs (“Predictive Maintenance”).

Due to the simple installation of the sensors and the scalability of the system architecture, the AiSight solution is suitable for almost all technical installations. For example, it works on all machines with rotating parts such as pumps, motors or fans but also for complex production units such as injection molding machines.

Once the sensors are mounted, they can simply be connected to the power supply and WLAN via the AiSight app. The respective machine is then online, and the machine data are recorded in real time and displayed on a dashboard.

The sensors then begin an automatic configuration and collect data to determine the normal state of the respective machine. Thanks to a very high frequency resolution, the vibration sensors register even the smallest changes to the normal operating state. In addition, parameters such as temperature, speed and magnetic fields are recorded. The respective raw data is preprocessed on the AiSight sensor. Conspicuous values are sent in encrypted form to the AiSight cloud server (Frankfurt location) and compared in a database with typical faults of similar machines. If an anomaly is detected, the plant operator is notified on the dashboard, via SMS or e-mail and informed about the cause. Of course, AiSight is absolutely GDPR-compliant.

Together with some colleagues of the Startup Angels Alb-Bodensee, Tomorrows Business supports AiSight with interesting sales contacts, an international network and as an investor.