“Let’s Create Success” – Checking in with the founders after eight months at full speed.
What makes a consulting firm for start-ups, which is itself a start-up, tick? What is the motivation behind the idea of Tomorrows Business? What are the drivers and what is the fun factor that compelled you to suddenly start your own company after many years of a successful career with large organizations? We pose these question to the three founders of Tomorrows Business.

What moves a seasoned financial expert, advising some of the world largest companies, to start his own business?
Werner Koller: “For me it was the interesting mix of our three personalities. Not only our vision, but also our chemistry is a perfect fit. Also, I find it fulfilling to develop our own methodology for corporate finance and optimization focused on results – added value that is measurable. And the third aspect was the stimulus, eventually also play along with a private international consulting company in the concert of the established greats.”

What personal goals do you have with Tomorrows business?
Dr. Bernd Steisslinger: “First, I achieve my age-old dream of running my own firm, demonstrating together with my partners and colleagues that the idea behind Tomorrows Business is a good one and will offer long-term success. Next, I want us to have fun in what we do every day. That we have achieved already because we do not spend 90% of our time focused on internal positionings, instead we focus on the measurable success of our customers.”

What did attract you after various leadership positions in a global firm, to become self-employed?
Dr. Gesa Köberle: “Independence has always been my desire and at this moment, conditions were optimal for me to realise that dream. With Tomorrows Business we want to create a company that is as successful long-term as our customers, by offering our advice and support. We also want to be successful internationally, with healthy growth and a private consulting methodology that we continue to develop and optimize.”

Where do you find particular challenges providing advice and support for start-ups?
Dr. Bernd Steisslinger: “Startups write their own stories and not all will have a happy ending. We want the companies we advise to start on the path of success from the start. We offer operational experience, valuable contacts and we know how to tackle obstacles faced when bringing new products to market. We keep actively involved and help our clients to turn innovative, sometimes a bit futuristic, concepts into marketable products.”

What role does sustainability play today in business?
Dr. Gesa Köberle: “Sustainability is still interpreted unilaterally in many companies as a “green add-on” to the core business. In fact, the ecological, social and economic aspects that define sustainability promote the conscious, rational and long-term actions that define success. A sustainable corporate strategy and responsible corporate governance enable future viability. To work sustainably means to be successful today, but above all to create the foundations to be successful tomorrow.”

Which motto does Tomorrows Business identify with?
Werner Koller: “Our thinking and our work is highly results-oriented, always with a view to our medium- and long-term goals. And we do not make rash statements, but sift carefully through the data and facts which be belive bring our approach more credibility.”

Tomorrows Business is…
Dr. Bernd Steisslinger:”… not only our name, but also a program. And it is a brilliant idea that we implement now, transforming the dream many people have of turning their own business idea into a reality.”
Dr. Gesa Köberle:”… an excellent place to work, a lot of fun and genuinely different from other consulting firms.”
Werner Koller:”… for me personally the opportunity to collaborate with two colleagues to found our vision of a management consultancy without bureaucracy.”