In May 2016, we have launched Tomorrows Business in the US. Managing Partner is Jennifer Cooper, who has been with us from almost the start of Tomorrows Business in Germany. The goal behind Tomorrows Business in the US is to present similar service offerings as in Europe, such as management services for new ventures and start-ups as well as consulting services for established enterprises.

Our main activities today focus on sustainability, business and performance improvement services for progressive multinationals.

As one project example, we supported the VP of sustainability at J.M. Huber (Edison, New Jersey, US) with market research, competitive analysis and benchmarking capabilities to inform decision-making. J.M. Huber has a history of striving for leadership in the area of sustainability.

In another project, we supported the VP of sustainability of the Retail Industry Leadership Association (RILA; Arlington, Virginia, US) with technical research, retail-specific analyses and focused reporting on topics of high priority for the sector. RILA offers advocacy, education and an executive forum for large retailers. Among its offerings, RILA provides executives with analyses of pressing and emerging topics, to inform decision-making and foster leadership across the industry.

If you want to find out more about Tomorrows Business in the US, please contact Jennifer at