Active as a “Business Angel” with advice and support.

Founded in February 2017 as a spin-off of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Zurich, novoMOF is a technology company in the field of novel materials with a focus on the synthesis and industrial production of high-quality metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) at the speed, size and quality that customers require. novoMOF’s continuously optimized production technology ensures the manufacture of MOFs in large quantities in a cost-effective and scalable manner while maintaining consistently high quality.

Metal-organic frameworks are – explained in a simple way – compounds of metal ions and organic molecules that form structured frameworks or lattices. These materials are comparable in structure to sponges and exhibit unique capabilities. For example, they can absorb, hold and release molecules from their pores in a defined manner.
With a highly ordered pore framework, MOFs have the largest known internal surface areas per gram of substance. One gram of a MOF can have an internal surface area comparable to the size of a soccer field, up to 7,000 m². This large internal surface area provides tremendous opportunities for chemical reactions and adsorption of molecules. The building blocks of the framework – metals and organic bridges – can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways to create novel materials. By tailoring the starting materials to the specific application, unique structural properties can be achieved.

Uniform structures, tunable porosity and a variety of chemical functionalities offer solutions for different industries and for many applications: Gas and liquid adsorption, gas storage, improvement of electrical conductivity, catalytic acceleration of chemical reactions and a wide variety of applications in the food industry and medical technology.

Together with the Startup Angels Alb-Bodensee, Tomorrows Business supports novoMOF as a “Business Angel”, with contacts to strategic and institutional investors and an international network.