As a first step in reorganization projects we do a review of the current situation – in close, trustful collaboration with our customers – to get a clear picture. Besides being on site, we use internal evaluations and data from accounting and from operations. Also, the most recent annual reports, current business assessments, all relevant contracts and structured interviews with management and selected executives are conducted and evaluated.

Based on this analysis of the current situation, our customers will receive – as part of our turnaround report – clear statements on the organizational structure, to strategy and leadership, to market position and in particular to the capital, the earning and the financial situation of the company.

Based on the results of the business analysis and potential action alternatives, core measures are defined, implemented immediately and summarized in an integrated plan for the restructuring as a next step.

As a result of all the data reviewed and evaluated, a retention plan for the company is created. For sustainalble long-term success of a restoration project our experience has shown that a continuous, close monitoring of the implementation of measures plays a crucial role for being successful. Very often, our team of experts takes over the responsibility to implement these measures. For this purpose, we do take responsibility for key positions in the company as interim managers, but our work also includes support and coaching of management and operational units on a daily basis.

  • Tasks: Financial Analysis – Reorganization – Restructuring, Interim Management