Tomorrows Business supports the growth of EnerKite GmbH, the patent holder, producer and operator of specially designed airborne wind turbines. Operating high above the blade tips of today’s windmills, EnerKite offers a promising new electricity generation technology.

EnerKites are novel wind energy plants aiming to produce energy up to 90% operational availability, aggregating more than 4000 hours full-load per year. This is possible by harnessing the persistently strong winds at heights of 100 to 500 m above ground level. The system becomes highly economical through extremely efficient material usage, optimal use of airspace as well as low assembly and transport costs. EnerKite leads the field of dynamic airborne wind energy controls and efficient kite wings having already demonstrated this in the field.

With a proven wind energy island system, a mobile 30 kW EnerKite and integrated battery storage system, in 2017 the firm will introduce a fully automated energy generation system with a nominal output of 100 kWh.

While EnerKite focuses on its unique technology, Tomorrows Business helps to prepare the firm for growth. Tomorrows supports EnerKite with the design of its corporate structure, including personnel, finance and controlling, quality management and marketing and sales – working closely with the operative partners of EnerKite. We also work to ensure professional placement of the company in the investor community and in the search for a strategic partner for financing rounds. Supported by this investor, EnerKite wants to construct a pilot production plant with a nominal capacity of 500 kW.

  • Tasks: Corporate Strategy, Organizational Development, Innovation Management
  • Website: www.enerkite.de