The Enerfoil Vertriebs GmbH (below: Enerfoil) holds worldwide patents for its innovative feedstock recycling solution. A range of petroleum products can be recovered from plastic waste after partial de-polymerization in an energy-independent processing plant. Enerfoil’s technology liquefies the waste plastics in an extruder and presses them into a reaction unit. There, long-chain hydrocarbon molecules are cracked at a temperature of 450 °C. Oils and gases are synthesized to high-value new plastics or are separated and processed into diesel fuel and gasoline.

This technology is now being implemented on an industrial scale, generating revenues through the sale of the resulting prodcts and by granting licenses for the construction and operation of the plants.

Following the successful construction and operation of its pilot plant that delievered the proof of concept, Enerfoil is now focused on launching its project “up2fuel”. Out of 10.000 tons of plasctic waste, 8.500 m3 of petroleum secondary products should be obtained per year. Total investments in the planning, construction and commissioning of the demonstration facility are approximately € 14 million.

To finance the project, Enerfoil intends to seek grants from local, regional, national and/or european programs, together with low-interest development/funding loans. Tomorrows Business supports Enerfoil to obtain project financing and provides advice on the subject/topic of funding.

Tomorrows’ role is to screen the whole funding landscape to identify those programs that are relevant and applicable for Enerfoil. Based on our research results, we then analyze all programs in detail. It is relevant to review timing and financial issues, as well as strucural requirements of the different programs. We also clarify the possibilities of low-interest development/funding loans.

In the forefront of a formal submission of actual applications, we work in the second step with informal project outlines. These descriptions are shared with the relevant project promoters in order to get a good understanding whether the project has a possibility of being considered in the respective program or not. When we receive a positive feedback, the last step is to hand in the final project application incuding all documentation and information requested by the project promoter. And, at the end of the day, we hope for our client to be funded in the applied way.