As a “Business Angel” supporting for future-oriented communication in schools.

Fox Education Services GmbH develops and operates the apps SchoolFox and KidsFox. SchoolFox is the all-in-one school app for smartphones and computers that allows teachers, parents, students and school management to share texts, images and files with each other and coordinate tasks, projects and events – even from home, in case of illness or school closures. SchoolFox greatly simplifies communication around the school through innovative features: group messaging, digital confirmations, translation functions, lists, emergency contacts, parent-teacher conferences and appointment management with automatic reminders. SchoolFox is the collaboration tool for the digital school: messenger, assistant and learning management system in one. With cloud storage, video lessons and class chats. For all types of schools and all grades. SchoolFox bundles school-related communication in one place and ensures easy, safe and positive communication between educators and parents. KidsFox is the counterpart to SchoolFox specifically for daycare centers and kindergartens as a messenger, digital assistant and organization tool.

More than 5,000 institutions in Europe are currently already using SchoolFox and KidsFox as a collaboration tool, a secure and DSGVO-compliant messenger.

Tomorrows Business has been involved with Fox Education Services as a “Business Angel” since 2019 and supports the 3 founders via a direct line on topics such as sales, networking, public relations and attracting additional investors.