Finance & Processes

Financial Analysis, Restructuring and Process Optimization

To ensure the sustainable future of a corporation, its profits need to be stable. Together with our clients’ management, shareholders and investors, we design individual restructuring concepts. Not only do we focus on the analysis of the situation we also ensure the implementation of effective measures. We support the selection of personnel, as well as personnel and leadership development to achieve sustainable profit improvement. We can also step in as interim managers as the situation requires.

Funding Advice

In order to successfully shape the future of a company it is necessary to timely topics such as the development and expansion of promising business areas that it neces-ended modernization of the machinery, energy and resource efficiency, environmental protection, product and service innovation and personnel development programs suits-hen. All these topics one thing in common: the need for investment.

Public funding at the regional, federal and EU level is available for partial financing of many projects. While the funding landscape is complex with frequent changes to funding regulations, it can be carefully navigated to identify all opportunities to promote investment and innovation projects in detail.

It is at this point that we come into play. Our experts identify funding sources, opportunities for matching funding – from non-repayable grants, low-interest subsidized loans to public company investments and indemnity bonds. We support not only in identifying optimal funding, but also in submitting funding applications and management of funding awarded.

Expert Reports on Restructuring according to our 2-Phases Model

In phase 1 we start with a business analysis in accordance with the standards of IDW S6. We focus on all key internal and external influences on the financial situation of the company:

  • Strategy
  • Market- and customer potential
  • Financial situation
  • Operating profit
  • Operative Ertragssituation (Standorte und Geschäftsfelder)

Subsequently we will develop the corporate vision and mission, an action plan with quantifiable measures, as well as an integrated corporate strategy.

In phase 2 we will design a restructuring plan, containing three key elements:

  • P&L
  • Cash flow plan
  • Budgeted balance sheet

According to our experience, continuous, external support of the implementation process is crucial for a successful restructuring process. Our expert team can provide this service as well.

Funding Advice

Phase 1: analysis, research, identification

In the first step, we clarify the eligibility of the project for funding and contribute key business considerations such as the date of incorporation, the legal form of the company, it’s location and size. In this step we consider the customer’s project specifications, financial and temporal aspects in concert.

Next we conduct systematic research into eligible programs, tailored to our clients‘ business and project characteristics. Our first focus is on applicable non-repayable grants from regional, national and EU programs, as well as options for low-interest development loans, public holdings and performance guarantees. We present the full results of our research and analysis, enabling our clients to estimate the chances of success and cost/benefit of each funding request early in the process.

Phase 2: design, creation, submission

After the appropriate programs have been identified, the subsidy applications are conceptually prepared and all application documents are created.

Prior to the official submission of funding applications we speak with the respective parties to create informal project outlines with which we will inform funders of our client‘s planned activities. When feedback on the project outlines is positive and we ascertain the likelihood of funding grants is high, we proceed with the official application, taking into account requirements of the project sponsor and in accordance with all formal requirements.

Phase 3: monitoring, controlling

Once the permit for a project is received, we support clients throughout the duration of the project, with overall coordination, handling requests for capital and ensuring project controlling is in compliance with all requirements (including identifying and preparing documentation required for the use of funds and audit preparation). We are happy to accompany the projects of our clients and are available, as desired by project sponsors, to provide interim technical reports.

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