Performance improvement of the Audi business in Peru.

Euromotors S.A. is amongst others importer for Audi in Peru. The dealer for Audi is Euroshop S.A. It has been our task to evaluate and fully understand the current situation of the Audi business in Peru (market, organization, financials and leadership) and to conduct a detailed analysis of the background of the situation. For the project, we have been evaluating data before traveling to Peru. But the largest proportion of the work has been done on site in Lima in very close collaboration with the management of the Audi business of Euromotors and Euroshop. As a result, we – and the management of the business – did come to a clear statement and description of the situation, including a prognosis for the future operations as well as a detailed financial business case. Part of our job was also to develop and present a detailed plan for performance improvement, including activities, responsibilities, timelines and measures for all operating units in the Audi business.