“Business Angel” and sparring partner for questions regarding strategic development and commitment as “resourceful humans”.

The Tübingen-based start-up your.company creates a completely new system for product development and tests innovative forms of cooperation. Instead of pure profit maximization, your.company strives for the good of all. Anyone can join in – and, when success takes place, fair sharing happens in the network.

The slogan is a promise: “your.idea, your.product, your.company”. The company wants to enable people to develop products under optimal conditions and make them successful. The legal rights to the products should remain with those who work on them – and the company itself should also belong to everyone who works for it. That is why your.company was founded in September 2019 in a structure that is known as “responsible ownership”. The required contracts were drawn up in pioneering work with the public welfare-oriented Purpose Foundation. “With the legal form of responsibility ownership, we ensure that our company never becomes an object of speculation,” say the “responsibility entrepreneurs” of your.company. “With us, everyone should profit in proportion to how much they have contributed.”

Anyone who wants to realize a product through your.company in the future will be given various tools to facilitate the path from idea to market maturity. These include a scalable digital infrastructure as well as a rapidly growing network of experts who are willing to invest work or money. And solutions that have been found once can be transferred to other ventures. So instead of having to build up a company themselves, founders can get to grips with their business idea right from the start. your.company has found its own term for this form of organization: Company Sharing – in other words, a company structure that anyone can use quite easily.

Although your.company is still in the start-up phase, products have already been successfully launched on the market in the network. The “analogvibes” product partnership, for example, revives legendary analog recording studio equipment. The team now sells a total of five different products to customers in over 30 countries. Further start-ups and products will follow.

Currently, your.company is looking for additional investors to further advance the vision of a fair economy. Tomorrows Business supports this process by actively participating in the drafting of the necessary contracts, as a constructively critical sparring partner in questions of strategic development and as a lender.

Anyone with a product idea can submit it to your.company and realize it together with partners from the network. “Everyone works when they want and on what they want – today’s technology has long made that possible,” says David Jenaro, one of the managing directors of your.company. “In the future, there should be an end to strict hierarchies and the feeling of doing unnecessary work under unhealthy circumstances. We are not human resources, but people with resources.” This is about much more than the feel-good factor: “We want to create a new form of economy that puts people at the center.”

In the your.company network, flexible teams group around individual products of which they are convinced. Communication works digitally, users are spatially unbound and can participate in several projects in parallel. The work of each individual is initially credited as an investment – the boundaries between employees and capital providers are therefore fluid.

The so-called product partnerships only pay out money to their members when a profit has been made. “We are an alternative to the exit-oriented start-up, where founders or investors sell their shares as soon as the opportunity is favorable,” says Dr. Kalle Bendias, one of the founders. “We’re looking for partners who are focused on sustainable returns because they believe in the purpose of a particular product and are therefore happy to support it.”